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Skylight Installation Services

If you want to add more light to your home, consider skylight installation services in Chelmsford, MA. A skylight can provide a lot of extra light during the middle of the day. It can be easy to think a skylight is unnecessary, but it can be very beneficial.

Whether you want to improve your energy efficiency or change your home’s aesthetic, consider how skylight installation in Chelmsford, MA can help.

Benefits of Skylights

Chelmsford skylight contractorIf you’re on the fence about installing skylights in your home, you should consider the benefits. While a skylight isn’t perfect, it can help your home look and feel better. Whether you want one skylight or more, here are a few reasons to get them.





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Energy Efficient

A skylight can make your home more energy-efficient. For one, you don’t need to use lights in a room with a skylight. While you will need lights at night, you can rely on the natural light during the middle of the day.

Skylights can also help manage the temperature in the room. That can also reduce your energy costs, thus saving you money.


If you have hot summers, you probably know how warm your house can get. When you install a skylight, you can consider one with ventilation to let heat out. As the heat rises, it can escape through an open skylight.

Then, you won’t have to use the air conditioner as much, so you can reduce your energy costs during the warmer months. But a good skylight also has a tight seal, so it can keep heat in during the winter.


Aside from being efficient, a skylight can also lookskylight installation cost in Chelmsford good. Of course, it can add more light to the room during the day. But having more windows can make a room feel more open, which is great for smaller sitting rooms.

If you do use a light or lamp, you may find that it’s not always enough lighting. With a skylight, you won’t have to buy more artificial lights. As long as you get a decent amount of sun, you can enjoy your skylight throughout the day. And you may find visitors complimenting it.

Skylight Features

When deciding what type of skylight to install, consider its features. Velux skylights are a popular choice for many homes, and we can install them for you. If you want to add some light to your home, consider what other features a skylight can offer.


At Express Roofing, we can install no-leak Velux skylights. A no-leak skylight is essential if you ever have any rain or snow so that you can keep moisture out. We have experts with special training who can ensure they install your skylight and avoid leaks.

With Velux Skylights, you get a 10-year warranty to cover any leaks. So if something does get through, you don’t have to worry. We can fix the skylight so that it works well.

A no-leak skylight can also help with benefits such as energy efficiency and ventilation. You won’t have to worry about excess heat escaping unless you open the skylight.

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Water Protection

Along with not leaking, the skylights themselves canChelmsford skylight replacement contractors protect against water damage. The skylights use three layers that include a flashing system, an adhesive underlayment, and a deck seal to keep water from getting through.

Whether you get snow, rain, or both, you can keep that from damaging your home. We take the installation seriously as well, so we can reduce the chances of water getting through the side or through a leak.

If you do experience issues, you can contact us for help fixing them. That way, you can enjoy your space and take advantage of what skylights can offer.


Velux skylights come in different configurations, so you can choose one that works with the room in question. You can choose a fixed skylight if you don’t plan on opening it, and you can still let light through.

If you want to open the skylight, you have a few options. First, you can use a manual crank, so you don’t need to rely on power, but you need to reach the window. You can also get an electric crank if you can’t reach the skylight.

Another option is a solar-powered crank. That’s a great option if you don’t want a manual crank but also want to minimize your carbon footprint. Your skylight can work with the sun in multiple ways by letting light in and by using light to open and close.

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