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Customer References
Customer References

They were excellent, they were very responsive, they were really great, they complete the project in one day as they presumed.

Rachel S.

Lunenburg, MA

It went well. They gave an estimate then about two weeks later they came out. It was a quick one day process, they came at seven in the morning and left at seven at night. There were about nine men up on the roof. The high ratings stood out so that’s why I chose them. They were a great company to work with.

James H.

Acton, MA

I had them come out and check the roof. He said I have a few more years until I have to replace it. I was impressed with how honest he was.

Norman T.

Bedford, MA

The roof had developed a leak at the interface of an old and new roof installed by another contractor. I called Express to have the entire roof on this side of the home replaced and described the urgency due to the leak. Mike sent his foreman out for an onsite investigation and the foreman identified and temporarily addressed the leaks. They followed up with a speedy quote and plan to do the roof replacement within the week. It ended up being completed on a Sunday to ensure the job was done as promised. From what I could see, the workmanship was of good quality and the team gave the site a thorough cleaning after.

Daniel M.

Westford, MA

Express Roofing, Inc. removed up to 3 layers of old shingles and replaced the roof on house, guard shack, and garage. They arrived at approx. 7 a.m. and were done by 6 p.m. A new roof in just one day! Amazing! They were not only expeditious, but tidy… everything cleaned up by day’s end! We are quite pleased and would highly recommend them!

Jo B.

Nashua, NH

I was told it could be done in a day and it was! They protected windows, canvassed the ground and were out by the end of they day. Also, the cleanup was superb.

Leo F.

Acton, MA

If you read all the other positive reviews on Express Roofing here on Angie’s List, my experience was as good as all the others. Mike, the owner, was easy to work with and explained everything. He answered all my questions prior to my engaging Express Roofing for the job, and filled in any questions I didn’t ask. He returned all my calls/e-mails in less than 24 hours per occurance, sometimes within a couple of hours. Mike provided a detailed quote, which is how every contractor should operate (and many don’t), we came to terms and set a date for the work. Express Roofing showed up on time, performed the work as specified, were very professional, polite and easy to work with. If something seemed amiss, the crew asked questions, or answered any questions I may have had. They completely stripped my roof, installed a new roof and all related materials, and cleaned up the job all in one day. How much more can one ask for? I would highly recommend Express Roofing..

Mark B.

Dracut, MA

I had 2200 square feet and had a crew of 12 that did the work in one day including stripping 2 layers of shingles to the wood. There were some cracked and broken roof boards that they replaced along with a few extra odds and ends. They also replaced some vents that had rusted out. They did excellent work and were competitive in price.

Vincent D.

Billerica, MA

I shopped several roofers from Angie’s list. I selected Express Roofing mainly because they are a local company, they’ve been in business for (I believe) 20 years, and they had the largest number of completed local roofing projects. The sales process was very responsive and timely. The owner came within a couple of days of my request for a quote over their web site. He inspected my roof that day and submitted a quote withing a couple of days. He left sample shingles so we could decide on a brand and color. I committed to the project. Work began within 2-3 weeks. This was shorter lead time than expected. The workers arrived around 7am. There were 6-8 installers on the job all day. They wanted to complete the project in one day and they stayed well past 7-8pm to meet that goal. Cleanup was exceptional. All old materials were collected in a dumpster and hauled out within a day. I was impressed with the cleanup process especially the use of magnetic sweepers to collect any nails on the ground. They finished after sunset. A few workers came by the next day for a second pass at cleaning our yard. The new roof looks great! I would definately recommend Express Roofing to anyone looking for a quality roofing job.

William T.

Chelmsford, MA

The crew arrived on time.Asked permission to start the job. In minutes tarps were in place and the job started. I left for work at 8:00am, the crew was about an hour into the job. I arrived home at 6:30pm, the job as promised was completed. The supervisor of the job met me and explained everything to me and answered the questions I had about the old roof and what they found. Express Roofing says they will do the job in one day and they do keep their promise. I should mention they did a great job cleaning up. I haven’t found a stray nail yet!!

Joe S.

Tewksbury, MA

They arrived on time early in the morning and removed the old roofing. It was discovered that many of the planks that made up the roof were split, dried out, or otherwise needed replacement. They then replaced all those planks. That actually took a good amount of time. Finally in the afternoon they laid down the new roof with all the appropriate stuff under the shingles. At that time there was a crew of about 15 people. It was finished just before dusk. The cleanup of the old roof and stuff from doing the new roof was excellent. The result is beautiful.

Thomas H..

Bedford, MA

The crew was very organized and professional – arrived around 8AM and were finished and cleaned up the area surrounding the building by 4:30PM – no nails left in the driveway and they covered and protected all of the surrounding shrubs and plantings.

James P.

Carlisle, MA

Extremely satisfied with our new roof. Crew arrived about 7 am & finished in less then 5 hrs. Danny, the foreman was extremely professional and knowledgeable about his work. From our first contact with owner Mike Cortner to completion of the job it was a pleasant experience and we would not hesitate to recommend EXPRESS ROOFING.

Martin W.

Nashua, MA

We called for a quote. Got an immediate response. There was an explanation on what the next steps were and everything was laid out well and it was very clear. A date was picked and the crew showed up on time and on schedule. When I say crew- it was a small army. They were like a well oiled machine. I had expected our roof to take a couple days to complete, but they had it finished and everything cleaned up by sundown. When I say cleaned up, it was fantastic. They only missed a couple nails with their magnets. Very impressive. Working out payment was made very easy by the manager and his supervisor. The initial payment had to be in a cashiers check which was a bit of a pain, but understandable. They get all A’s from me except for price- it was a very very fair price, but not outstanding enough to give an A. The other categories truly deserved A ratings. I would recommend Express Roofing..

Brian C.

Tyngsboro, MA

We were overdue for a new roof and had 6 quotes to bid on a large house. Prices ranged from 15,000 to 26,000. Amazing to see the variance. Express wasn’t the lowest quote, but was close and given their reputation, we gave them the business. Project went as planned. Express crew of about 15 guys arrived at 7am, worked nonstop until 9pm, then came back the next morning to walk through and finish clean up. A couple of issue arose along the way with rotted plywood and vents which they replaced for a pre-arranged additional cost. I pointed out a couple small items during the post completion walk through which they fixed instantly. Overall a very positive experience.

Terry J.

Westford, MA

Fantastic from quoting to installation and clean up. Called in March after some damage due to windstorm, they were out the following day with a quote within 24 hours. Mike thought I would be fine and it would be best to wait until warmer weather, and offered a $1000 discount if I booked for a installation. They contacted me mid April, was on site 2 days later. The crew was ready to go at 8:00, all 6 of them. The “team” were very polite, worked extremely hard and amazingly well Together. By 1:00′ the house was done, yard cleaned up without a trace of nails or other materials. They had just finished packing up their gear when I noticed that I should have shingled the shed. When I asked if I could have them come back, they said they would take care of it now since they had the materials on site, they unpacked their gear and between the 6 of them had the shed done in 30 minutes at a very very reasonable price. GREAT experience. Two of my neighbors have used them since with a third calling them tomorrow! All very pleased with the service. Highly recommend them.

Walter N.

Shrewsbury, MA

I called Express Roofing and spoke with Mike in early April about re-roofing our house and adding a ridge vent along the entire roof ridge. He responded quickly with a proposal and two weeks later, the roof was installed. A lot of workers arrived the morning of installation and the job was completed by early afternoon the same day. The yard was cleaned thoroughly and shrubbery around the house was undamaged. The entire job was done professionally and efficiently. We have had this new roof through two and a half winters. Prior to the new roof, we had ice damming problems and had to remove snow from our roof after every significant storm to avoid interior problems. Since having the new roof, we have not had to touch the snow on the roof and do not have any problems with ice dams.

David S.

Chelmsford, MA

We had put off getting our roof done til long past due. They came in and stripped it clean, replaced wood as needed, and re roofed the whole thing (ranch style house), and added a ridge vent. During the process they examined the flashing around the chimney. I had noticed that there had been some leakage along the way, when up in the attic, so it was not surprise to me. However, I had not considered this when we planned about the cost and details of the roof. Mike came to me and explained what they were seeing up there, and suggested that given we were spending so much on the roof, the $400 they could re do that flashing for, vs just covering it up, having it leak later, and having to patch it, was money well spent. I definitely agreed, and was happy to have his honest assessment, and fair price for the job. The job was done in a day, and left clean as whistle.

Greg P.

No. Chelmsford, MA

I called Express Roofing one afternoon last August. Mike Cortner responded immediately that same day. He came by the next morning to assess the job and leave off material samples. I had an estimate in-hand the following day. Within two days a contract was signed, and within five days thereafter, I had a new roof! Ten days from start to finish …. no small feat considering he also had to order new skylights to be installed as well. I was familiar with Mike’s work, since I watched his crew install a new roof on my neighbor’s house the year before. But, I still couldn’t help to admire the efficiency in planning and professional work that went into this job. A dumpster was delivered to my driveway the night before his crew of 12 workman arrived at 8:00 a.m. They immediately went to work. The foreman kept me informed during the entire process. They accommodated a last-minute request to have soffit vents installed at reasonable pricing, and still the entire job was completed by 4:00 p.m. that same day. Cleanup was fast and thorough. The dumpster disappeared the next morning. My new roof has withstood some serious windy/rainy storms as well as the latest February Nor’easter with no problems. If you are looking for competent workers and good service, look no further. Call Express Roofing in Westford!

Diane D.

Westford, MA

Theirs wasn’t the lowest estimate, but it was close. They had a great rating on Angie’s List, got excellent references and I felt they knew their stuff. I signed a contract and faxed it to them on a Tuesday night in mid-December. Mike told me they would shoot to get it done by the end of the month, if the weather cooperated, but certainly by early January at the worst. The next day a dumpster was in the driveway when I got home from work. And I was surprised by the doorbell at 7:10 the next morning. I looked out to see what seemed like 20 guys swarming over our property and up onto the roof. By the time I left for work at 8, they had half the roof stripped and when I got home that night, the roof was done, the dumpster was gone and there wasn’t a scrap of paper or shingle to be found anywhere. Apparently, they’d had a delivery delay on another job and had my shingles in stock, so they seized the moment. There’s a part of me that is a bit worried about a job that quickly completed. But his references say his work has stood up. And I’ve been up on the roof and have checked out their work and it looks good to me . . . and we’ve had no leaks in the several snow and rain storms we’ve had since the new roof was installed. So I’m getting in line behind all the other folks who’ve sung the praises of Mike and his company, Express Roofing.

Stephen S.

Sudbury, MA

They did a fabulous job and I would definitely hire them again!

Anthony Z.

Andover, MA

Express Roofing did a very professional job. They got the job done in one day. There must have been 12 guys! They were like a military platoon. They stripped the roof to the boards, replaced boards, redid everything. They replaced the flashings and re-leaded the chimney. The foreman was awesome, very friendly. I’d definitely recommend them.

Caroline M.

Westford, MA

Mike responded almost immediately to my request for a quote and came to look at the property the day after we spoke. A few days later, I received a written estimate, which I signed and returned. After sending that off, I did not hear from him until I called to check. He worked with me to select the proper color and roofing material, as I wanted to try to match the exiting porch and garage roofs. Also, he said that depending on the weather, his crew would commence work a couple of days forward. They came exactly when he said they would. A dumpster arrived just ahead of them. As the work commenced, the foreman noticed that there was no existing plywood on the roof, just old lathe strips. ( I had suspected this might be the case, having recently been in the attic.) He explained the dangers of applying the roofing material to the existing roof structure and suggested plywood should be attached. I completely agreed, and he gave me a very accurate estimate for that material. The weather was rainy and snowy by noon, and I was contacted about their suggestion not to open up anymore of the roof that day. Again I agreed, and the crew finished up the following day. During the process, and existing gutter was damaged because, they said, it had been incorrectly installed. The company replaced and installed a new gutter at no cost to me. By the end of the job, my yard was left completely tidied up, and the dumpster was moved the next morning. Although the job came in considerably higher than the estimate, the increase was entirely justified. The material and workmanship are of high quality and come with a good guarantee. The crew was composed of polite, earnest workers. My overall experience was excellent, and I would not hesitate to use this company again. Would definitely recommend to friends or family.

Susan A.

Leominster, MA

Professional, clean & quality work. Highly recommend.

Craig R.

Harvard, MA

Exceptional. It was 11 days from when I first called for an estimate and when I was staring at a gorgeous new roof. These guys take a no frills approach. No fancy salesmen, just thirty pages of references with nearly 50 references per page (of which I drove around and looked at four). There were 13 workers there on the day of working like a well oiled machine between 7am and 4pm, and I haven’t found a nail or stray piece of packaging anywhere around my lawn yet.

Wendy L.

Bedford, MA

Everything we contracted for was done correctly and in a professional manner. The team arrived on time and the project was done by the end of the day, including an extensive cleanup. Only a dumpster remained which was picked up the following morning.

Deborah G.

Harvard, MA

Overall, the experience was excellent. The job they did was superb. They were prompt and replaced the entire roof in one day, including clean-up! Their clean-up was excellent. They were also very professional, provided me with all of the information beforehand, and it was a true pleasure to work with them. I would certainly use them again (but I hope not to for another 20 years).

Ronald H.

Burlington, MA

They were very quick in responding to our requests. They were very quick in scheduling wherein they came and everything was done in one day. There was nothing to pick up afterwards and they did a very good job.

Lynn D.

Chelmsford, MA

Express Roofing was very good. They called me back any time I had a question, explained what they were doing, got the roof done straight away, and there were no complications. The price was very good.

June R.

Stow, MA

Service was performed well and on time. Price was excellent and matched original estimate. I had a complexity in that several of my under boards had rotted and needed to be replaced. These were charged at $60 a piece as quoted in the original estimate (I knew that many were rotted in advanced) so there were not surprises. This caused the work to not be completed on the first day, but they returned the following day (Saturday) to complete the work. Workers were polite and clean-up was very good.

John S.

Westford, MA

Removed old roofing shingles – 3 layers, one of which consisted of the original wood shingles, replaced with new shingles of my choice and clean up. Great service! They have a large crew and everybody knows their job. Eleven workers came, ripped off the old roof (after laying tarps to catch debris), replaced with new shingles, cleaned up (also cleaned any leftover leaves from the Fall – thank you) and were finished in less than 7 hours. Amazing to watch and very grateful they were able come quickly before the cold weather. Mike gave a clear estimate. We had a problem with some wooden shingles that could have been a potential mess, but it was handled professionally and costs were kept down and they only did what was necessary. Prices were very fair. Highly recommend Express Roofing!

Sarah Q.

North Chelmsford, MA

Strip all shingles off house Install new roof and in the process check and replace boards or flashing requiring replacement. Clean up and haul away all shingles & nails Everything went great! The only glitch was when the crew got into an auto accident on their way to the site and had to delay the job a day. The crew arrived the next day and finished the job same day by about 4pm. The roof looks great and the crew did a fantastic job of cleaning up after themselves. We are very pleased and would recommend this company to anyone. Everything went just as advertised and just as described.

Brian O.

Dunstable, MA

These guys did a great job on our roof. They came at 7am and were finished by noon. They are a well oiled machine and they do just about every house in westford!

Jessie S.

North Chelmsford, MA

Express Roofing completely stripped the asphalt shingles from the roof of my Colonial-style house, including the roof of the rear deck. They reflashed around the the chimney. They installed 6′ of ice/water shield on all three roofs as well as along the sides, around the chimney, and down from the ridge vent. They replaced a rotted plywood section. They installed GAF Timberline HD architectural shingles and a new ridge vent. This was an excellent and professional job. I called, left a message, got a return call within an hour. We discussed the work, and Mike came within a few days to review the site and prepare an estimate. I had the estimate by the end of that week. This was lower than other estimates, and the straight-A rating on Angie’s List closed the deal. I called back and Mike was able to get me on his schedule for a few days later. Mike answered questions and we worked out some final details on the job over e-mail. He was very responsive. The work itself took only about four hours from start to finish! The dumpster arrived on the morning the work was to be done, and shortly thereafter the roofing materials were delivered. A crew of about a dozen men appeared just after noon as promised. Danny, the crew chief, met me and we reviewed the job. The crew immediately got to work. They draped the house (front and back) with enormous tarps to catch materials tossed from the roofs. I observed the work for most of the time–it was amazing. They were all business, no chatting, no breaks–just focused on getting the job done. Everyone had a role. With about 6-8 guys on the roofs, the roofs were stripped in about 30 minutes. Then some guys started ferrying materials up the ladders while others focused on installation. A lot happened in parallel, it really was a sight to behold. While the watershield was being laid, the chimney was reflashed, the ridge vent widened, and a rotted section of plywood replaced. Over the watershield went the drip edges, on all four sides. They did a thorough job of applying watershield around plumbing stack vents, along the ridge, and around the chimney. Then came the shingles and ridge vent. As they wound down the crew did some caulking and sealing, particularly where the deck roof meets the main body of the house. Finally, they did a thorough cleanup around the house, using rolling magnets to collect nails, etc.
While I watched thru binoculars, Danny answered lots of questions in a very friendly way. He showed me the products they were using and explained them to me, and why things were being done the way they were. He gave me a lot of confidence that they knew what they were doing. He also explained that the crew had been working together for Express Roofing for many years, in some cases more than ten years!
The final result looks great. Just a couple of things to be aware of: When there’s ten guys working on your roof, particularly when they’re stripping old shingles, it gets noisy in the house and the house does shake somewhat. There wasn’t any cracking or damage inside my house afterwards, but I could imagine that happening–it’s a bit like a minor earthquake. Also, the work created an enormous amount of wood dust inside the attic, so I needed to go up with a vacuum and clean off some things I had stored up there. Next time I would throw a tarp over the stored items before the work started.

Brant C.

Acton, MA

Our home was built in 1970 with a roof area o5 2500 sf. The roofing work consisted of stripping two layers of shingles and installing a complete GAF Weather Watch system, with Timberline HD Architectural shingles and premium warranty. Two chimneys were reflashed, and four rotting plywood roof panels were replaced. When we decided to have our roof reshingled we went to Angies’ List and selected three firms. Express was the first one we called, and Mike (the Owner) was so prompt with his response and reasonable with his proposal (which included assurance that the work would be completed in one day) that we did not look further.
On the selected date the dumpster arrived at 6:30 AM and Danny, the very able foreman, showed up shortly afterward with his 14 man crew. The work proceded efficiently with only a few problems, and was done, including a thorough cleanup, about 5:00 PM. Danny then walked around the house with us and described his work in detail. We were pleased with the way the project went, and would certainly recommend consideration of Express Roofing for any job of this nature.

Warren D.

Concord, MA

Met Mike, the owner, when he came by to do a quote. His offer came in well below the other quote I got from another AL-recommended roofer; however, it also had a kicker: $1k off if we accepted within a week. So we did, and were very glad about it.We had a minor hole in the roof, and Express agreed to get to us very quickly. We signed on Friday and they did the work the next Wednesday. Wow! The crew showed up a little before 7 and got right to it. The house isn’t small (~2500 sf), but they were done by 3 pm. They did a very neat and thorough job. They seemed to really care about the quality of their work. The most junior person on the crew had been with them 6 years — you don’t find that kind of job loyalty if people aren’t being well taken care of. Altogether, it was a very impressive operation. I would gladly use them again, or recommend them to anyone.

Geoff M.

Acton, MA

I did a lot of research and received several bids from several companies. I chose Express roofing for several reasons. *They bid for 9 feet of ice/water protection at no extra cost (all other bids only offered the standard 6 feet) *They don’t collect any payment until the job is complete, which was nice and gave us peace of mind. *Mike the owner was very informative in his bid and when talking with him. *The foreman Danny came out before the job was to be done and talked about timing and specifics. *We have a small shed near the home that Mike put in the bid to re-roof without my asking and at no extra cost. *Danny was onsite for the entire job and answered all of my questions and concerns. *They guarantee their work in writing and have been in business for a very long time. *They did the job in one day. They arrived at 7:00 a.m. and were done by 4:00 p.m if not earlier. *They draped the exterior of the home to catch debris and cleaned up very nicely also using a rolling magnet. *The bid total was one of the lowest. They use GAF products which other companies had bid higher using the same product line. *I would HIGHLY recommend Express Roofing.

Lauri B.

Framingham, MA

We phoned several roofers for estimates. Express returned our calls promptly, came out when promised to do the estimate, and then submitted a clear written estimate. We were replacing the original roof on the house (built ca. 1970). We were uncertain about color, so Mike promptly brought over several large (2 x 2′) samples, including not only the colors we’d selected from the small samples but also others in the same range he thought we’d be interested in (the small samples look nothing like the large samples). We ended up selecting a color we hadn’t considered originally. The actual roofing work began promptly. The foreman and crew were polite and hard-working. Once the old roof was off, it was clear that three sheets of ply decking needed to be replaced, as well as the entirety of the facia; we were then given an estimate of what that would cost. This did mean that instead of taking one day, the job took 1 1/2 days; and it added ca. $2,500 to the original estimate Cleanup was good, but given the time of year (lots of leaves on the ground) not perfect. Consequently, we found a few roofing nails on the driveway, and unfortunately got one in a tire. The damage was made good (new tire and labor) voluntarily when mentioned. Compared with the other initial estimates we received, Express’s was lower. Mike was highly professional in his manner, as was his crew. Would definitely recommend Express to anyone looking to replace a roof.

Leslie M.

Stow, MA

Excellent and by the book job (Taunton’s for pros book “roofing with asphalt shingles”). Completed in one day with large hard working and professional crew. Very good cleanup and excellent follow-up on one small issue that came up. Mike accelerated the schedule and had his crew work Saturday to beat the forecasted snow. Everything from quoting, material and dumpster delivery, thru the intense one day of work in cold weather, to trash pickup was like a well oiled machine. i wish everything in life was as well orchestrated as this job was.

Christorher G.

Andover, MA

Even better than I expected. They arrived exactly when they said, moved very quickly through the job, presented me with every scrap of paperwork I needed for the energy star documentation, and left the place even cleaner than they found it. People were thoughtful, polite, and considerate. A superb professional job all around!

Deborah S.

Acton, MA

We were very pleased with the company overall. The owner was always prompt and courteous. We feel he did a thorough job without overbuilding or overselling. Mike, the owner, was not present for the work itself, but the foreman was very competent and easy to work with. The supply company delivered one package of the wrong color shingles, which entailed stripping that part of the roof, ordering a new package, and starting over. The men saw the job through. The clean-up was thorough, although the shingle snafu left the workers cleaning up at dusk. This company came highly recommended from other clients and they lived up to expecations.

Laura M.

Andover, MA

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